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Erick Mobegi, professionally known as Yung Koded is a Kenyan-American rapper, singer/songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur.

Signed to Chinatown Music Group (a USA Music label) in 2019, Yung Koded has been steadily building his reputation as a rapper, video director, and mentor in the US underground... and the East African mainstream scene as well. Since the release of his freshman debut track "Sina Time" in 2020 featuring Exray, Koded has released other projects like "Mteja" featuring Breeder LW, "Fuego" featuring Trio Mio, and more tracks that have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views/plays on streaming platforms.

His music is characterized by its diversity in style and incorporation of genre/sub-genres such as indie rock, afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Afropop, and punk. He intelligently blends tales of his life, love, and dreams, with dark humor, politics, and satire. Add Koded's ability to captivate and animate any crowd, with his ease of working on multi genres, he is definitely an artist that you will be remembering for a while!

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Chinatown Music Group (CMG)
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Chinatown Music Group (CMG)
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